Monday, September 30, 2019

"Lost in Time"

Every once in a while, I come across a house that looks like someone meant to come back, but they just never did.  These ones are interesting and my mind starts asking all kinds of questions.  Why didn't anyone come back?  Were they elderly and thought they would come back, but went into a nursing home and never made it back?  Did they move to another house and still own this one, but never sold it?  The reasons someone would leave a house and a car parked in the front like they're in the back hanging laundry out on the clothes line, and not gone for decades, is so intriguing.  Apparently, it happens more than I realized.  Once I started paying attention to how these homes are left, there were so many odd things.  This one is in a canyon at the base of a forest and foothills, and the winters here must have been long and harsh.  Even so, it would have been that simple life that I wish I'd been a part of.  

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