Annie Bailey is a Montana native, and grew up on her family’s ranch in the Smith River Valley.  Her work is about capturing wide open spaces and forgotten places that exist in rural areas.  She loves all things old and loves to find abandoned farmhouses, grain elevators, and barns.  The sky holds a particular fascination for her, and her photography often incorporates unique cloud formations and stormy skies.  Annie has several years of art and design under her belt and uses those backgrounds to design and create her photography.  She primarily uses a Nikon and her photography is all taken digitally and works out of her studio in Billings, Montana.  If you have further questions about her or her photography, please feel free to contact us through our email:  anniebaileyphotography@gmail.com

All of Annie’s photography can be seen in her on-line shop: https://www.anniebaileyphotography.com/

Or shop locally at a Montana shop near you at these locations:

Altitude Gallery - Bozeman, Montana

Hattie Rex - Bozeman, Montana

Toucan Gallery - Billings, Montana

The Artist's Shop - Missoula, Montana

Wildflower Craft Boutique - Helena, Montana
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