Tuesday, January 28, 2020


"There is a kind of beauty in imperfection" - Conrad Hall

I've always loved a patched up, mismatched barn.  This one has wood going in all directions, it's leaning just a little, and the wood has turned gray with age.  I love all of those imperfections.  When I moved from Western Montana to Central Montana, I was worried that finding old beauties like this would be harder, but I've found more than I ever expected. This one is right outside of the city limits of Billings, and is actually visible from the interstate.  After admiring it for over a year, I did finally stop to take some photos of it.  The frontage road runs between the barn and the interstate, and it was a busy, loud, semi-dangerous place to stop for photos, but sometimes you just have to park, get your photos, and cross it off the list once and for all.  This image looks quiet and serene, but behind me it was all of the chaos of the modern world.  That's how many of my images are, a quiet spot surrounded by chaos.  Documenting those old buildings that still represent quieter days is my passion. I'd rather look at a charming old barn than an interstate any day.