Thursday, September 26, 2019

"Against the Grain"

We're a couple of days into the Fall season, and the weather isn't taking its time changing.  It's definitely noticeable that Summer is no longer here.  The green has gone from the trees and grass, and those overcast skies are showing up more often.  I do like the Fall though.  Usually, in Montana, the temperatures change so drastically in the summer that I'm ready for some cooler, more temperate days.  There's a quietness to the Fall that I love.  Summer is busy and full of travel, company, and events that it goes by before I know it.  Fall is when I start to feel that urge to slow down.  I edit my photographs on those cold days, and take my time with the fruits of my summer labor, traveling and taking photographs every other weekend.  These old abandoned buildings are by far my favorite thing to find, and my favorite thing to photograph.  Surrounded by nothing but space, it's hard to imagine any human being inhabiting them.  

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